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Anyone going  to admit to this one? Pictured in Wakefield late 1980 sent in by Nigel Swift This was the state of the art of Customizing in the Uk in the 70's and 80's Groovy :>)

Oh Yes Metalflake a Go Go Capri oh how young lads lusted over cars like this in the 70's and early 80's :>)

California Dreaming Zephry/Zodiac, prostock scoop, lace work paint, flames, cal 500's and sidepipes what more could you want eh! You know there is a part of me that does likes these 70's customs  in a perverse kind of way :>)

Just had these two photo's sent me by my old mate Pete Gething (well his son actually Nikki). 1st one shows my old Cortina, Petes Van and my Miss'es still a Teenager Just :>) Photo about 1975

Petes Van painted by Pete Himself and mine painted by Geoff Ridgeway. Spaceships on the bonnet and ghosts down the side, boot depicted a young naked girl and menacing faces floating behind.... me and Geoff didn't agree on the boot mural.. though it was fantastically executed the fact the girl had rude bits worried me, hell now I would be locked up for it Ha Ha....... Dig them sexy wing mirrors and the metal studs down the side :>) Oh I fitted the prostock hood scoop and painted the pearl base coat by the way. Petes paint job was great with the scrolls down the side hey remember them. It was all trimmed inside like a Bedouin tent from what I remember. Where ever we went together his Van was the one with the crowd round it. Pete came up to my wedding in this along with Smax Odgie and more of the Preston crew in yanks had a wild day! ahhh memories eh.

Bob Luxfords Jacked and wolf'id Mk2 Cortina grrrrrrrr Ha Ha were us old guys cool when we was young or what ............ what! :>)

Bobs Cortina, rear Silver Metalflake Jag axle and the obligatory bais belted Pro-Trac tyres great fun in the wet and they loved white lines. Bob wasn't an all show no go guy either, he fitted a 3ltr v6 and Mk4 Zodiac rear lights.

"Golden Oldie" PA Cresta was spotted in Great Yarmouth, In yer face gold flake, sidepipes, Cragars, extra lights and. of course, the old jack up kit....  (Photo Nige Swift)

Marina van was well excicuted and subtle in contrast to the wild stuff that was going one at the time. Shaved handles, totally smooth plated rear, green flake and subtle tailpipes. Van was later sprayed orange/black with fully louvered rear. (Photo Nige Swift)

 Yep! some people even did it to minis "Weirdo's" :>)

Capri turned into a Hi-Riding Mustang?

I am reserving this page for 70's & 80's Customs got any photos?

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