A Street Odyssey continues

Here is Street Odyssey at Belle Vue show by the look.

Lee Picton is now the proud owner of one of the UK Hot Rodding Histories most famous Pops the Ex Rutherford Brothers Street Odyssey. It was quoted as being rear ended in Custom Car many moons ago by a Canned up Murphy. It rose up again in a new guise and now is getting a further make over by its new owner... see and read below.

I again must apologise as I have had these photos quite a while so it will be much further on than this by now. There were quite a few more photos but my software wont open them for me to put on here. so maybe later with them for now enjoy these:

Here are Lee's own words on his Project:

I bought Street Odyssey, my '55 Ford Pop, around Christmas 2004 not
knowing anything about it. It was my very first rod project of any kind and
was an inspired  purchase because of members of the BHRA that bring their
cars to me for the dreaded MOT. It was only when I found a picture disc 45
vinyl with Street Odyssey on it that I realised what I had bought!!

The rebuild has been a lengthy process during which time the A and B pillars
have been replaced along with the rear lower panels and doors with extensive
repairs to the front and rear inner wings. She has been bare-metalled by
hand and I went through a fair few layers of paint before hitting the
original candy red that a lot of people remember way back when the
Rutherford brothers first rodded the car.

The body repairs are now FINALLY done and I have modified the shell by removing the gutter rails, radiusing the doors and body profiling the sills. I am midway through the 'first fit'
which should be done mid-summer this year then its all being taken to bits
again and off to the painters to be finished in V.W. Canyon Red Pearl. She
has the 'almost mandatory' Jag rear end, custom built tube front axle and
now has a Mopar 318ci with Edelbrock performer inlet sitting below a 600
Holley. I plan to get the car to sit real low and not as she first appeared
'Gasser like' and fingers crossed will be 'out to play' early next spring???

Lee is very interested in finding out as much of the Cars history as he can, so if you do have any info he would love to hear from you mail me and I wil pass it on. or see him at a rod run.

Update Jan 29th 2008

Fresh out the paint shop

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