Pudz has finally joined the gang


Well my old mate Mark aka Pudz has finally thrown caution to the wind and bought this cool Glass 32 Sedan (replica) that we hope to make more Hot/Street Roddy with a resto theme.

Someone has spent a lot of time and effort to make this car it is very well detailed in a Resto kind of way with cowl lights repo bumpers rootlieb louvred hood and so on.

The interior is a true 4 seater with enormous leg room out back for the rear passengers. The wood window mouldings are a particularly nice touch.

We arent to sure what to do yet but all will reveal itself as we get more time to work on it.

We found this at Pickering Steam Fair which we go to each year (family Hols) and there it was sat with a load of old bikes and lots of other old parts and old trucks. I said whooo that's nice a 32 model B. As its a steam fair i didn't think it was glass. Then as I looked more I said I think that's glass Mark. So he asked and yep it was and the price was very reasonable..

I could see Mark all of a sudden become very interested, his wife and children absolutely loved it yeah go on get it Dad awwww go on why don't you buy it Dad... We had a good look round it looked really well put together.

Then as we discussed it and His wife found out it was in fact a replica Glass one.. she went cold on the idea and didn't want it at all ;o(

We talked about it more and the idea died off..... so off to the beer tent we went.

Though it looks like someone has made a conscious effort to make the illusion of it being a genuine old Car behind the spare wheel is some Hot Rodding style pinstriping... I wonder if anyone knows the car?

Next day we were walking round and I said shall wel go look at that 32 again? Yeah why not and that was it mate, he got really into it. And went back to talk with is wife, who said she didn't like it as it wasn't real but wouldn't stop him if that's what he wanted... so he thought about it and back we went for a 3rd look.... this time we were serious. I wasn't going to influence Mark and get the blame if he didn't really want it.

As we looked round, the owner a haulage guy said here's the keys take it for a drive.

It drove amazing no clucks or shakes or weird traits it just drove nice, quiet and straight.

To cut a long story short, he bought it and we picked it up a couple of days later from York.

It drove faultless all the way back to Cumbria, just the rear Void bushes need replacing and the 3ltr Essex motor seems a bit flat oh and apart from fuel leaking from the petrol filler all is good and work will start soon on making it look more like our kinda 32 than an nice old car ;o)

The Next day after Mark had bought it while we were stil at the Steam Fair I met Harry Dawson another good mate on the show field I said have you seen that 32B Sedan and he said yeah I saw it yesterday and I have just slept on it and went to buy it just now and was told it had been sold.


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