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 Me and my Rod Substitute, I tried to sell this Mk3 Cortina to own a Rod in the 70's but no one was having any of it!! This photo was taken just as I was about to start the Cruise at the 2nd Street Rod Nats, paint looks good don't it, the shiny studs down the sides are actually ones you used to put in leather jackets and filled the old trim holes.

4 Pop photos taken at the same 2nd Street Rod Nats if I remember right.

This photo is of Geoff Ridgeway's personal Van, we were all amazed at the intricacy of the art work, but he would never tell us how he achieved such detail. I remember going to see it work in progress one night when I was in Stockport it was awesome.... Then I saw it at a Rod run a few months later finished it was amazing.. then a bit later I saw it again and it was slowly fading away????? When it all came out how Geoff had achieved this stunning and awesome detail, err it was no wonder it was fading..... in the sun..... er.... er.... it was done with felt tip pens ;o)

  Ian Etheridge had a paint shop in Stockport. Trick Painter Geoff Ridgeway  worked here. Many a great Trick Paint job came out of their workshops mine included. This believe it or not is a 1300cc escort Van with a fibreglass Blower that looked very real and even the blower belt turned. I used to go and spend many a hour watching Geoff create his masterpieces.

We all had some real good times with Odgie, Smax, Nidge and all The Preston Crew here Smax loons about on Southport beach with a young Odgie and Smax's brother Nidge hanging on the roof . The all  used to go to the Rainy City Cruises and come and party up here at my house in Cumbria, wild times!

Steve Cheatham's beautiful Zephyr, in Yellow pearl over white applied by my good mate Dexy at the first Rod Run I organized at Bardsea Cumbria, with a few of the Manchester Rainy City Cruisers, Second year the run attracted 300 cars in 1977  We actually had trafic jams of Rods in the local town of Ulverston, some people even still talk of it, it blew them away. It was stopped by a Local councillor who lived in the village, he didn't like the look of us, some had coloured hair and we were young and enjoying ourselves Heaven forbid nothing changed there then ;.>)

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