23yr Old Smax

This was in the Preston Local rag, it is about Smax and his Car that appeared in the short Uk Film Cruisin. The end of the film shows our Mate who passed away Ess smiling out the passenger window of the XL God Bless ya Ess ;o(

I wonder what happened to that film! It showed the Uk Crusing scene as it was in the late 70's it was Cool from what I remember, I should of been in it but my car was off the road and I dint want to hitch a ride in someone else's.. Great carefree days!!
Had some bazzing times with Smax, again I could write a book on Smax and he could write ten :o) Someone who has been a big influence in my life and moulded the crazy times in my 20's and 30's, a proper one off and a real Honour to have as a true Mate!!