My Mate Odgie

This is Odgie in the 70's with one of his many owner Trick Painted Yanks. This trainee accountant with several A levels evolved into the Punk we see below ;o)

This was on a photo shoot where I lived in Ulverston Cumbria in the mid 70's, I had organised the 2nd Bardsea Run using the backing of the Rainy City Cruiser's. Steve Myatt did this photo shoot for Custom Car on that weekend in the local cemetery. Odgie was the very first Punk I ever knew and was in the Daily Mirror who did a centre spread on this new and shocking trend for our young folk ;o) Odgie sported a Johnny hanging off an earring just to shock eh!!

 I could fill this web site with stories of Odgie and I bet he could fill another two ;o) He is a great guy and real character, and leaves an impression on who ever he meets. A philosopher and Custom Bike guru one of best in the country in my eyes, this was his Triumph Truth.

This is the Lowrider Odgie created for me, being shown at Doncaster show in 1984..
 I am proud and blessed to be one of his mates!!

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